Finally, an easy, comfortable brushing.

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Painless and


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Done with flying hair, tangles and way too long brushing sessions? We know exactly how it feels, which is why we are introducing the Auto Dog Brush Petite; the perfect dog brush.

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Brushing does not have to be a struggle




The Auto Dog Brush Petite brushes in exactly the same way as a professional slicker brush, but you don't have to make the many brushing motions yourself. In addition, you don't damage your four-legged friend's skin.

Professional groomers have tested the ADB Petite and say the following:

Cheryl Howard (Trim Team UK)

The new and smaller Automatic Dog Brush Petite is much lighter and easier to use than the original large Auto Dog Brush. The Automatic Dog Brush Petite is so much better than any other brush, and is what every groomer and dog owner should have. The Automatic Dog Brush Petite makes heavy work light, and therefore also prevents injuries to muscles and joints.

Expert review:

Renate Gerschtanowitz-Verbaan (Dutch Celeb & Founder

With the ADB petite I brush our dog's coat thoroughly , in layers , with ease all the way out. I really please my dog by brushing with the ADB petite, he is relaxed and accepts the ADB petite much better than a hand brush. Once you have experienced the convenience of brushing with this handy little device , which works so much faster and more comfortably , you don't want to go back.


Linda Easton (President IPG Groomers USA)

The Automatic Dog Brush Petite is one of the best grooming tools for dog owners and professional groomers alike. Have a cleaner home and a good looking dog with the Automatic Dog Brush Petite!

Expert review:

No more flying

If you connect the ADB Petite to your hoover, all dander, dust and fine hairs are sucked away. This keeps everything much cleaner when brushing.

Easy maintenance

The Auto Dog Brush is incredibly easy to clean and maintain. In addition, parts such as the brush belt can be ordered separately and assembled by yourself.

Painless and silent brushing

With its specially developed design, the Auto Dog Brush is a brush that brushes your dog easily and painlessly. No pulling and therefore a pleasant experience for your faithful four-legged friend.

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I am a doodle groomer and have two doodles myself. Brushing is always a tough job. But I am so happy with the ADB Petite. So nice, you are faster done with brushing but what I find even nicer is that the dog suffers less and tangles do also less pain to get out. I am very satisfied and can't live without it. A real recommendation.
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Our labradoodle had quite a few tangles that I had trouble getting out, so I did not know what to expect from the ADB Petite. But I ordered it and I don't regret it for a second. The first time the dog found it a bit scary and I also had to get used to it, but now it goes very well! The tangles in his neck are already gone! Now I am busy every week for an hour and I am very satisfied and so is the dog. ..... definitely worth buying for such coats!
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I am so happy with the new ADB Petite for our mini labradoodle! It saves so much time and power and she is totally happy when I comb her with this. The cable is not very long, but there will be a solution (external powerbank). Service and communication of is super. Highly recommended!
L. vd Veen
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Great way to brush. The sound is not very loud, our Doodle is not bothered by it. The felts/tangles are easy to get rid of because of the fast rotations. No hand brush can beat that! Comb once a week with the ADB Petite and your Doodle no longer needs to be trimmed!

Ready for the finest brushing experience for you and your dog?